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What Is a Franchise Disclosure Document? and Other FAQs

If you are new to the world of franchising and have questions such as “What is a Franchise Disclosure Document?,” we have the answers you need. Read The Maids® FAQ page to find the information you require to determine if running a cleaning services franchise with us is something you are interested in.

Frequently Asked Questions


A Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is a legal document that franchisors must provide to potential franchisees. It contains detailed information about the franchisor's business operations, financial statements, fees, obligations, and other essential aspects of the franchise agreement. The FDD helps prospective franchisees make informed decisions about investing in the franchise opportunity. When you begin the process of franchising with The Maids, we will share our FDD with you so you can review it and learn everything you need to know about our franchise opportunity.

A franchise royalty fee is a recurring payment made by franchisees to franchisors in exchange for ongoing support, access to branding, marketing, and operational assistance. The Maids franchise fees are some of the most generous in the industry. Typical royalties begin at only 6.9% and can go as low as 3.9% as franchise revenue grows.

Cleaning franchises can take advantage of the significant demand from many households for their services - especially ones that have the vital backing of a well-regarded brand like The Maids. On average, The Maids franchise produces $1,140,000 in gross revenue - proof that we have what it takes to set you up with the kind of franchise opportunity that can generate life-changing results!

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