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If you’re looking for a steady income and more flexibility in how you live and work, a franchise in the cleaning industry may be the answer. If you’re wondering, “Is a cleaning franchise worth it?,” franchising has always been an excellent investment for those who want to build wealth. While many industries have opportunities, franchises in the residential cleaning industry are some of the most promising while providing a fulfilling work-life balance. The Maids® has designed a franchise business model that can allow you to capitalize on the industry’s growth and future potential as you pursue your personal and professional goals.


Segment of  U.S.Two-Income Households Expected to Use Outside Cleaning Services in Next Few Years (U.S. Department of Commerce)


Residential Cleaning Industry’s Annual Sales Worth


Annual Industry Growth Rate

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Continual Expected Growth

The home cleaning industry will continue to grow due to an increase in two-income homes, disposable income, and increasingly busier lifestyles. The recent pandemic has also changed how people think about work and their environments. More people are working from home and don't want to spend their free time doing additional cleaning. The heightened awareness of personal health has created a high demand for services within the cleaning industry.

A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

Residential cleaning industry statistics reported by One Desk show that the industry is worth $20 billion in annual sales, with franchise cleaning companies holding a 10% market share. The statistics also show that the industry is projected to grow by up to 20% yearly. According to Inside Advisor Pro, the number of people employed in the cleaning industry is expected to increase by 85,000 by 2031.

Continual Cleaning Industry Growth Expected

House cleaning franchise opportunities with The Maids are ideal for capitalizing on healthy cleaning industry trends because our cleaners clean for health specifically using a 22-Step process. Getting started is simple! Franchisees can grow a profitable, long-term recurring services cleaning business even without professional cleaning experience. Successful cleaning franchise owners come from all walks of life, from business professionals to savvy entrepreneurs.

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