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If you’re looking for a steady income and more flexibility in how you live and work, a residential cleaning franchise may be the answer. Franchising has always been an excellent investment for those who want to build wealth. While many industries offer franchises, the opportunity to own a home cleaning franchise is one of the most lucrative while providing a fulfilling work-life balance.

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The Only Cleaning Service Chosen By Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean and The Maids share a mutually beneficial relationship that provides marketing differentiation, helping separate a home cleaning franchise with The Maids from other cleaning companies. Our long-lasting partnership demonstrates the dedication and vision we have in dominating the house cleaning franchise industry.

The Maids Business Strategy

Just like our unique cleaning process is based on teamwork, franchisees have a team of experienced professionals to support you through all stages of your business — from start up to creating a successful long-term house cleaning service franchise.

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  • Proven Business Concepts and Direction
  • Start-up Strategy & Processes
  • Employee Recruiting & Retention
  • Lead Generation & Sales
  • Experienced Franchise Support

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  • Industry-Leading Technology
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Residential Cleaning

Why Start a Residential Cleaning Franchise

Continual Expected Growth

The residential cleaning industry will continue to grow due to an increase in two-income homes, disposable income, and increasingly busier lifestyles. The recent pandemic has also changed how people think about work and their environments. More people are working from home, and they don't want to spend their free time doing additional cleaning. The heightened awareness of personal health has created a high demand for housekeeping franchise opportunities.

A Multi-billion Dollar Industry

Statistics reported by One Desk show that the residential house cleaning industry is worth $20 billion in annual sales, with residential cleaning franchises holding a 10 percent market share. The statistics also show that the industry is projected to grow by up to 20 percent yearly. According to Inside Advisor Pro, the number of people employed in the cleaning industry is expected to increase by 85,000 by 2031.

Cleaning For Health Is Here To Stay

House cleaning franchise opportunities with The Maids are ideal for capitalizing on the healthy cleaning trend because our cleaners clean for health specifically using our 22-Step Health Touch Cleaning process. Getting started is simple! Franchisees can grow a profitable, long-term recurring revenue cleaning business, even without professional cleaning experience. Successful cleaning franchise owners come from all walks of life, from business professionals to savvy entrepreneurs.

The Benefits of Choosing a Residential Cleaning Franchise

Up-to-date training, operations insights, and other ongoing support are the foundation for starting a cleaning business and maintaining growth. Franchisees who invest in a cleaning franchise with The Maids get all the support they need. From building a healthy bottom line to creating healthier home environments, a residential cleaning business benefits everyone involved. Here’s why a house cleaning franchise can be the ultimate opportunity:

Residential Cleaning is a Trainable Skill

Cleaning safely and efficiently requires professional training. Residential cleaning franchise business opportunities with The Maids include decades of knowledge, a proven 22-Step Cleaning Process, and a wealth of support. Franchisees will find training teams on how to clean, retention of team members, and quality control more manageable when they have the inside track for healthy cleaning.

Every Home Needs Cleaning

There’s no getting around the buildup of dirt and germs in homes. The only way to restore a home’s health and cleanliness is through cleaning and disinfecting. But as homes become larger and lives busier, more and more people find they simply don’t have the time to properly protect their family.

Regular Work Hours Create Freedom & Life Balance

You don’t have to burn the midnight oil to get ahead when you partner with The Maids. Your cleaning franchise will typically provide services on weekdays during regular business hours. If a consistent schedule and time to reclaim your weekends and nights is your idea of a successful business, a cleaning franchise fits the bill.

The Best Revenue is Automatic

Most cleaning franchises provide one-time and specialized residential cleaning services, but in the long term, their bread and butter is repeat business. Whether it’s a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly recurring cleaning plan, a regular cleaning schedule creates recurring revenue.

Cash Flow

Your investment will be focused on getting to a quick and consistent ROI, which will help maintain staff, fund marketing, and cover other facets of your cleaning business. Because most customers pay with card or cash when services are rendered, a franchisee can count on a steady cash flow day after day and week after week.

Demand for eco-friendly cleaning will continue to increase, and time for cleaning will still be hard to find. Customers want a cleaner, healthier home where they can work, relax, and recharge, and they’re willing to pay to get it. Dirt, dust, and germs will always find their way into homes, so your house cleaning franchise will be a welcome service for creating a better place to live.

Franchise Owner Success Stories

Achieving Goals as a Couple-Owned Business
“The return on investment was much better than other businesses I’d looked at.” – Dean Blanchard
Feeling Supported in a Family-Friendly Network
“The Maids has probably one of the best support groups.” – Matt Jackson
Recognizing Success as a Female-Owned Business
“The most rewarding thing has been the feeling of accomplishing growing a business.” – Andrea Crislip

Partner with The Maids in Your Residential Cleaning Franchise Journey

The Maids is considered by many as the leading residential cleaning company for health in nearly 200 communities and major cities. We’re on a mission to make our cleaning experience available for every home and provide a bright future for every franchisee. When you partner with The Maids to build your cleaning business, you invest in an established and proven approach to help reach your dream life. Check out hundreds of residential cleaning franchise opportunities across North America and get started with your new business today.

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*Year ending December 31, 2022, 101 franchisees who operated the entire calendar year had average revenue of $1,061,250. See Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document dated January 19, 2023 for detailed financial information.
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