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What to Expect from Our Residential Cleaning Franchise Cost

admin_themaidslpMay 8, 2024
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When starting a residential cleaning business, it’s important to determine how much your expenses will be. Many entrepreneurs find that a cleaning franchise cost is more favorable to their financial situation and chances of growing a new venture compared to starting a small business from the ground up. The Maids has developed franchise financing options that put your investment directly to work so you can build momentum in the important early days of your franchise.

Having spent 40+ years as a leader in the residential cleaning industry, The Maids knows what it takes to build a cleaning franchise that can become the top choice for local homeowners. We understand how to structure common franchising expenses that entrepreneurs will likely face no matter what brand they choose. Our total cleaning franchise cost is designed to put your investment back into your business so you will have every opportunity to win new business and grow your franchise.

Our Investment Breakdown

To give you a clearer picture of how The Maids franchise investment is structured, we have broken it down into three financial considerations: 

  1. The initial deposit, 
  2. Territory costs and franchise fee 
  3. Operating capital 

These initial expenses above are determined by differing factors that include:

  • Where your franchise will be based out of and operate
  • The amount of staff, technology, and cleaning tools you choose to start with
  • The ramp-up path you choose to follow when first starting
  • What your long-term goals are for your franchise business

Even with these differences, the initial costs for The Maids franchise typically total $150,000 per location. You can rely on The Maids team to help you manage your franchise investment and best position your new cleaning business as the prime option for local homeowners in your area.

The Initial Deposit

    To open a new franchise with The Maids, we require you to submit an initial deposit of $48,900. This deposit is set up to cover your initial territory costs ($30,000) and our START Smart Package ($18,900), which will help you launch the cleaning business and quickly begin attracting the attention of nearby households.

    Territory Costs and Franchise Fee

      The Maids franchise fee is determined based on the number of households in the territory your franchise will be based. Most of our franchisees select a territory that comprises at least 130,000 households. At our franchise fee rate of $0.50 per household, the franchise fee cost averages $65,000. Any territory costs beyond the $30,000 portion of your initial deposit can be financed with The Maids or through a lender.

      Operating Capital

        From our many years of working alongside franchisees with different backgrounds, motivations, and visions for their new franchise, we recommend that you have a minimum of $70,000 in operating capital. This will help you cover operating costs in the early days of owning a The Maids franchise as you develop a client base in your territory. These operating costs can differ based on your franchise’s local market’s economy, size, and other factors.

        Our Investment Expectations Are Favorable for Your Long-Term Success

        In addition to our in-house financing to cover territory costs, we have some of the most equitable royalty fees of any franchise opportunity in the residential cleaning industry. Our royalties start at only 6.9 percent and can go as low as 3.9 percent as franchise revenue grows.

        The Maids also offers financing plans to help you maintain a smooth path to building a profitable business. Our financing plan features a two-year interest-free deferment and an 84-month payment schedule for qualified franchisees. Some can find competitive financing with SBA loans thanks to our stellar track record over decades in the residential cleaning market. Military veteran franchise owners can also utilize special financing options when franchising with The Maids.

        Set up a conversation with The Maids team today to learn more about our franchise opportunity, and we’ll send you a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which fully details our investment costs!