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What to Expect as a Cleaning Franchise Owner

admin_themaidslpJanuary 8, 2024
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A cleaning franchise is an ideal investment for an opportunity that delivers recurring income, flexibility, and a proven strategy. Franchising has always been an excellent alternative to starting from scratch, and residential cleaning franchises can be the most lucrative. The Maids® will be your partner in success every step of the way, and it all starts with knowing what to expect as a cleaning franchise owner.

Putting Cleaning Franchise Owner Expectations in Perspective

The home and office cleaning industry is growing every year, showing no signs of slowing. A regular weekday schedule, low cost of entry, and trusted business strategy are a few of the cleaning franchise owner expectations. Franchisees get all that and more with The Maids, and we ensure every franchisee understands what to expect as a cleaning franchise owner when they invest.


New franchisees have many questions about starting a cleaning business, but financial expectations are the most significant for most. A local cleaning business started by an individual, on average, plateaus their revenue around $300,000 annually. With a franchise, the average revenue is much higher. Fortunately, The Maids isn't average, and neither are our franchisees—in 2022, the average revenue for our franchises exceeded $1,000,000.


Our business model and ongoing support help you build profit faster when you partner with The Maids. When your cleaning business follows our plan for success, the profits provide a comfortable salary and capital for expansion. Franchisees who reinvest profits into marketing, team member training, and tools experience growth and increased profitability.

While the size of a market and other factors impact franchise profitability and revenue, how a franchisee manages their business is the single most critical factor. The Maids simplifies starting a cleaning business to give franchisees the best chance for success, no matter their backgrounds.

Benefits of Being a Cleaning Franchise Owner

The Maids helps new owners take a detour around a startup's typical expense and frustration. To get out of the gate fast and experience steady growth, investing in a proven business model is the shortest path to achieving financial security. Here's why:

  • Minimal initial investment
  • Quick startup strategies
  • Minimal financial risk
  • Complete training for running a business
  • Proven business model
  • Consistent profitability
  • Recurring income
  • Growth potential

Every new franchisee considers the pluses and minuses of their investment, and many find that The Maids provides the most benefits. Successful franchisees also find a tried and tested game plan for marketing, operations, and growth.

Franchise Owner Responsibilities

The Maids offers new franchisees flexible financing, opportunities for expansion, and more to achieve success. But it's how a franchisee manages their responsibilities that determine the level of success. Here's what to expect as a cleaning franchise owner as you grow your business.

Daily Activities

It's the business owner's or manager's responsibility to create and implement a daily strategy based on travel times, customer locations, and quality assurance. A franchise manager must ensure appointments, cancellations, and rescheduling are tracked and monitored for a smooth workflow and customer satisfaction. Stocking and maintaining essential supplies and equipment is vital to set cleaning teams up for success.

Customer Relations

The Maids provides franchisees with a built-in quality check, thanks to a unique team-cleaning approach. Each team includes a leader who ensures every cleaning follows a consistent and thorough strategy. However, the owner or manager should perform routine quality checks by keeping the lines of communication open with customers. Not only is ongoing communication crucial for customer satisfaction, but it's also the ideal opportunity to discuss additional services and add-ons.

Human Resources

Even the best cleaning franchise model won't lead to success without quality employees. Building a high-caliber team is essential for delivering high-level customer service and expanding your reach. While posting open positions, interviewing, and training team members takes time and energy, the payoff is more than worth it.

Financial Management

The Maids provides a wealth of resources for managing the financial part of your business. We help franchisees manage labor, insurance, and supply costs to create a solid financial foundation for growth. The Maids gives franchisees the financial tools to run their business. However, the most successful monitor and adjust their financial strategies as needed.

Marketing and Growth

Community engagement, digital marketing, and other promotional efforts keep your brand front and center. The Maids provides effective marketing strategies and resources to help franchisees advertise, network, and grow their empire. The most successful franchise owners build on our marketing support with innovative and traditional strategies.

We’re on a mission to help hard-working entrepreneurs exceed their cleaning franchise owner expectations with franchise opportunities across North America. Let The Maids show you how to begin your journey to financial success today.