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The Maids Welcomes Fowler Cooper

admin_themaidslpAugust 16, 2023
Cooper Fowler

The Maids Welcomes Its Newest Franchisee, Fowler Cooper!

Congratulations to Fowler Cooper, the new proud owner of The Maids of Queen City located in Charlotte, NC. Fowler brings in-depth financial knowledge and experience from Corporate America. As a former regulatory exam manager for Bank of America, Fowler would oversee regulatory engagements.

Tell Us About Yourself

My wife Katy and I have one daughter named Cannon, who keeps us not only busy but constantly running. We love serving others, serving others is, and always has been, a core tenet of mine that drives much of my motivation and joy, both personally and professionally. Whether it's family, friends, or the workplace, I take pride in helping and serving others, knowing that service is simplifying and improving their lives. We desire to use The Maids as a method or vehicle to serve others and ideally provide my daughter an opportunity to take over the business someday. When we are not working, we love spending time with our family skiing, traveling, or playing golf - we enjoy our time spent together.

Why Did You Select The Maids?

We were initially drawn to the home cleaning industry due to the trends and tailwinds currently in the industry. The Maids stood apart as a strong national brand with invaluable strategic partnerships and an immense support system. Through further discussions with the corporate office and franchisees across the country, I realized that the people involved, and the culture they have created, was a company I could proudly stand beside.

Please welcome Fowler Cooper to The Maids franchise network!