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The Business Opportunity You've Been Waiting For: The Maids' Franchise

admin_themaidslpSeptember 17, 2019
Professional Cleaning Service

The residential cleaning industry is experiencing steady growth and there are plenty of opportunities to join in the ongoing success. If you're looking for more control over your financial future by going into business for yourself, housekeeping and maid services could be the opportunity you're looking for. The Maids' franchise opportunity offers territories across North America that are prime markets for a successful house cleaning business. 

Residential cleaning services typically appeal to consumers with above-average income who want more free time, especially baby boomers. Baby Boomers have the financial resources to splurge on these types of services and they don't mind spending it. Prime candidates for residential cleaning services are married couples over the age of 45 who often have college degrees and established careers. This demographic spends more than the other generations at a rate of $548.1 billion annually, a figure nearly $200 billion more than the next highest-spending generation.

Starting From Scratch vs. The Maids' Franchise

Getting into the residential cleaning game is an endeavor that can be started with little capital and experience. Some cleaning supplies, a little business experience and a knack for marketing are often all you need to get started. While getting started is easy, sustaining a consistent flow of business, creating efficient and effective processes and providing superior customer service are elements of a successful cleaning business that can take years to perfect. 

The benefits of starting from scratch with a minimal investment include lower entry costs and complete control over your new business. As long as you have enough financial reserves, you can learn the ropes and build your business over time, but that growth can often take years until your cleaning business can sustain itself. 

Those same benefits can easily turn into liabilities without careful planning. That initial minimal investment can quickly turn into ongoing expenses you hadn't counted on and that complete control can easily turn into a barrage of administrative work, revamping ineffective processes and putting out fires—leaving little time to focus on growing your business.

The alternative to going it alone is to invest in an established brand with proven processes, ongoing support and a multitude of resources. The Maids' franchise opportunity offers all that and more. 

Support For Startup and Sustainable Growth

You get a lot of help to get started. When you buy a franchise, you get support and guidance for a strong start and learn how to create a steady cash flow. The Maids' franchise opportunity includes a variety of resources that give each franchisee the tools they need for success from day one. From learning proven processes to establishing a strong marketing strategy, The Maids and their network of franchisees provide unmatched support and guidance. 

Brand Recognition

With almost 200 franchise locations in over 40 states and provinces across North America, The Maids' franchise is one of the most widely recognized residential cleaning companies in the industry. Our established territories, a unique approach to residential cleaning and our exclusive partnership with Mr. Clean® combine to create a brand presence that grows stronger every day.  


A franchise business can be profitable quickly with the right processes and support. With an innovative philosophy, unmatched support and proven processes, The Maids offers franchisees the tools they need to get out of the gate fast and create sustained growth for reliable cash flow. 

About The Maids' Franchise

Since 1979, The Maids has provided residential cleaning services across North America and is ranked No.10 on the Top 100 Franchises for Less Than $100,000 in a 2019 list published by Entrepreneur magazine. The Maids is also ranked No.69 in Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500® list.

Proudly supporting approximately 200 franchises and offering hundreds of available markets, The Maids is one of the best cleaning franchise opportunities around. Our commitment to our franchisee's success with training, marketing and ongoing support is evident in the success stories of our franchisees. Our franchisees come from diverse backgrounds across a range of industries; they have found The Maids' business model to be a stable, long-term business opportunity.  

The Maids: More Than Just a Cleaning Business

Our business philosophy is founded on meeting or exceeding customers' expectations by providing thorough residential cleaning with efficient and safe processes. From our use of environmentally-friendly cleaning products to our commercial vacuums with HEPA filtration, we believe in creating a healthier environment in every home we service.

We also strive to give back to the communities that allow us to prosper and serve. From company-wide community outreach programs like Cleaning for a Reason to individual initiatives created by our franchisees, we are all committed to creating more than just a cleaning business. 

The Benefits of Joining The Maids' Franchise

We offer transparent and easy-to-understand investment figures, so you understand the costs from the start. When you compare The Maids with the typical house cleaning franchise, you'll see that our fees are very competitive. We offer unmatched support and a range of helpful resources to ensure each franchisee is a success. Here is just some of what you can expect when you partner with The Maids:  

  • SMART Start Set-up - We understand that getting off to a good start is critical. Every new franchisee begins with up to seven weeks of foundation-based business training, including up to two days visiting a corporate store.
  • SMART Start Training - The Maids is committed to giving each franchisee the tools they need for sound operations. Franchisees receive up to six days of administrative and technical training at The Maids corporate training facility.
  • Power Training - Residential cleaning is a hands-on service and so is our training. Each franchisee gets up to four days of on-site training at their new location to train their first team.
  • Sales and Customer Service Training - Getting sales and providing superior customer service is half the battle. Our web-based virtual training with our state-of-the-art learning platform helps educate you and your team for increased effectiveness.
  • Business Coaching - Fledgling entrepreneurs and seasoned pros alike can benefit from insightful business coaching. We provide certified executive business coaches to mentor and support you as you grow your business one customer at a time.
  • Sales Support - We know that more sales will always be an ever-present challenge. That’s why you have access to The Maids National Call Center five days a week, so you can focus on growing your business from the start while experts handle customer sales calls.
  • Preferred vendors - From franchisor to vendors and partners, who you're in business with can make all the difference. We give you connections to carefully screened preferred providers that are an extension of The Maids' brand for better marketing and better service. 

Our franchisees are a diverse group who benefit from and contribute to the ongoing support from The Maids franchise system. Some franchisees bring sharp insights and experience to The Maids’ franchise system, while most of our franchisees have no prior experience in residential cleaning. Even without experience, they still find success with a cleaning business franchise from The Maids because of our extensive training and support. 

Getting started with The Maids' franchise opportunity is easy with these three steps: 

Step One

Request an in-depth information packet that will answer many of your questions and provide insights into what to expect with your cleaning franchise endeavor. Fill out a confidential questionnaire and you'll be on your way to becoming a successful owner of a residential cleaning service. 

Step Two

A Franchise Development Specialist will promptly contact you to answer initial questions and walk you through The Maids’ Discovery Process steps. You'll find out all you need to know to see if The Maids' franchise opportunity is the right choice for you. 

Step Three

The Maids’ Discovery Process will help you make informed decisions with step-by-step guidance which covers expectations, real-world scenarios and overcoming the challenges of starting your own successful cleaning franchise. 

As a franchisee with The Maids, you're part of a successful and supportive team. We help you get off to a fast start and collaborate with you as you grow your business. 

There are hundreds of franchise opportunities across North America just waiting to help innovative business owners realize their dreams. To learn more about what it's like to partner with The Maids, get your franchise information packet today.