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Should Spouses Start A Cleaning Franchise Together?

admin_themaidslpMarch 25, 2024
Spouses Owning Franchise

Starting a business is exciting and scary at the same time. But when you start a business with your spouse, you can double your excitement and chances for success! Whether one spouse continues to work while the other builds the company or both jump in full-time, having a partner you trust can make all the difference.

Should spouses start a cleaning franchise together? Whether you go solo or team up, starting a business takes hard work and commitment. Fortunately, there is a more attractive alternative to the risky trial-and-error business model that plagues many startups. Instead of rolling the dice, invest in a proven business model and start a cleaning franchise with your spouse.

Why Start a Cleaning Franchise with Your Spouse?

If you and your spouse invest in a cleaning franchise, you already have the advantage of your established relationship. In a typical scenario, one spouse goes all in and gets things up and running while the other keeps their current job so their household is less affected. Once the new business generates steady revenue, the spouses can team up and run the franchise full-time.

Here’s why starting a cleaning franchise with your spouse can be the perfect fit.

Less Financial Stress
Buying a franchise takes capital like any new business, only it’s often significantly less! You know the investment amount upfront and what you get for your money. You’ll receive the training, tools, and support to help your new business get up and running quickly.

A Proven Business Model
Couples invest in franchises because of their proven operating system, low cost of entry, and track record for success. That operating system is how spouses from all walks of life have taken control of their future—and you can, too. Invest in a proven cleaning franchise model to minimize risk and reach your goals faster.

A successful business model and decreased financial strain are two of the most significant benefits of starting a cleaning franchise with your spouse. However, the deciding factors will be your commitment level and ability to navigate the inevitable challenges.

Challenges of Going Into Business With Your Spouse

Only you and your spouse can know if working together is a good move. How you and your partner handle the day-to-day challenges will determine your overall success. So, here are a few ways to prepare for and meet the most common challenges:

Clarify Goals
Business goals are vital for creating a winning strategy and keeping your eyes on the prize. However, personal goals can make building a cleaning franchise with your spouse a profitable and fulfilling experience. Agreeing on the most important goals for home and work before starting up is a must. When everyone has the same focus, dividing responsibilities and managing priorities is easier.

Maximize Strengths
Each partner brings particular skills and experience to the enterprise. One spouse may be suited for administration, while the other enjoys customer interactions. You and your spouse should examine your complementary strengths to determine which roles are a good fit.

Make Decisions Together
Whether both of you are full-time or not, the secret to success is to make decisions together. You both don’t need to be involved with the daily details of every aspect—but making significant decisions must be a joint effort. Whether it’s time to add staff or open another location, the input of each spouse is a must.

Draw a Line Between Work and Family
Even when both spouses share goals for their personal and work lives, maintaining a healthy balance takes vigilance. Your new venture is full of hope and excitement, and it’s natural to have business on the brain all the time. Resist that natural behavior by drawing a line between work and home. You have plenty of time at work to talk about work—don’t let it cross the line.

Residential and office cleaning franchises continue to grow year after year. Cleaning franchises reduce risk and increase the chances for prosperity—a rare combination in the world of startups. Reaching your goals takes planning, commitment, and a franchise community you can count on every step of the way.

Launching Your Cleaning Franchise Journey Together

Pursuing your dream of a better life doesn’t have to be a rough road. You can realize your dreams with a proven path to success from The Maids®. Discover how you and your spouse can live the dream with cleaning franchises across North America.