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Questions to Ask Before Buying a Cleaning Franchise

admin_themaidslpJanuary 5, 2024
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Investing in a franchise business can be the first step toward a secure and fulfilling future. With some research, you can discover the pros and cons of partnering with a franchisor. Trusted franchisors like The Maids® provide full disclosure, and much of what you need to know is readily available. However, a deeper understanding is essential for finding the ideal franchise partner. When you know the best questions to ask before buying a cleaning franchise, you can make your investment decision with confidence.

Key Questions to Ask a Franchisor Before Investing in a Cleaning Franchise

The right questions can help determine if a franchise model fits your goals and financial situation. Inquiring about support systems, training, financing options, and other aspects of the partnership also provides a clear understanding of the potential risks—and rewards.

What to ask before buying your cleaning franchise? Here are a few key questions to get the ball rolling:

What can I expect regarding training?

Every new franchise owner is immersed in seven weeks of industry-leading start-up training to help get their business up and running. Franchisees spend five days at our corporate campus for administrative and technical training, followed by four days of Power Training at your location to help you build your first team. We provide a web-based learning platform that includes virtual instruction and quick reference guides for sales, customer service, and other aspects of operations.

How much marketing help do I get?

When you partner with The Maids, you partner with one of the most prominent brands in the cleaning business. The Maids is the #1 residential cleaning franchise in Entrepreneur Magazine's Franchise 500. We are also the only residential cleaning company ranked in the Wall Street Journal's 25 Franchise High Performers.

In addition to the franchise industry accolades, The Maids is the only residential cleaning franchise to be an exclusive partner with Mr. Clean®. The Maids helps franchisees tap into all that marketing muscle to build a strong local and online presence. With strategic planning, training, and support, your franchise can harness the power of two of the most recognized brands in the industry.

What kind of support systems can I expect?

The Maids provides in-depth training and brand recognition for a strong start. Then, we give you the best support in the industry. The Maids provides a wealth of resources for developing team members, increasing profitability, expanding your business, and connecting with your community. Your fellow franchisees, certified executive business coaches, and the rest of the team are in this with you for the long haul.

The more questions you ask, the better your understanding of the short- and long-term return on your investment. However, you don't have to limit your questions to the franchisor. Talking with other franchisees and asking questions will give you deeper insights into the day-to-day life of a franchise owner.

Questions to Ask Other Franchisees Before Investing

Count on The Maids to answer all your questions about the franchise partnership, from royalties to training to scalability. A proven business model and industry-leading support ensure you get the best return on your financial investment. However, even the most detailed franchise research and Q&A sessions can't give you real-world insights like other franchisees can.

Start with these two questions, and you'll be on your way to an insightful (and hopefully long) conversation.

What can I expect from a typical day as a franchise owner?

Whether you're an experienced business owner or new to the game, having realistic expectations about daily activities is essential. Franchisees are happy to share their everyday experiences with everything from human resources to customer service. You'll learn what a typical day looks like, the real-world challenges they face, and the strategies they use to win day by day.

Are you happy you invested in the franchise?

Franchisees have a vested interest in your success and will likely provide an honest answer—hopefully a positive one! There's much to unpack with such a broad question, but the ensuing conversation often reveals invaluable information. Do they enjoy their partnership with the franchisee? Are there things they'd wish they'd known about being a franchise owner earlier? Remember—the more you ask, the more you learn.

The answers to these and other relevant questions will help you make a more well-rounded and informed decision. There are many considerations before buying a cleaning franchise—make those decisions more manageable with in-depth feedback from your franchisor and peers.