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Profitability of Cleaning Business Franchise: What to Expect

admin_themaidslpDecember 8, 2023
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Is a cleaning business profitable? When the business follows a proven strategy and invests in training, customer service, and operational excellence, yes. The cleaning industry is highly competitive, but there's always a share for those who work hard and smart. The smart way to start a cleaning business and save unnecessary work and expenses is to partner with a successful cleaning franchise.

Success Factors

The residential cleaning sector is projected to exceed sales of more than $40 billion by 2025, and your share is waiting. Residential and office cleaning franchises with The Maids® are proven profit-makers because we provide the tools for success.


A cleaning business should be located near the demographics most likely to use their services. The business needs a market experiencing growth and a stable economy to increase revenue and profits. When you partner with a proven cleaning franchise, all the legwork has been done for you. Desirable territories with multiple locations are part of The Maids franchise experience, so you find the ideal location for your investment.

Market Demand

Since the pandemic, cleaning services are no longer considered a luxury but rather a necessity for health and well-being. The heightened awareness and concerns regarding cleanliness and health have changed perceptions. New attitudes and busy lifestyles are creating a growing demand for cleaning services—especially services that clean for health, like The Maids.

Quality Service

How much do cleaning businesses make that prioritize and invest in their team members? More.

There is only one way to ensure the quality service that grows your business and bottom line—team members who are professionally trained and treated with respect. When you team up with The Maids, you get all the technical and customer service training you need to build your business.

Join forces with a cleaning franchise company that provides proven processes, decades of experience, and a foundation for consistent growth. The Maids wrote the book on healthy cleaning and franchise success to help you achieve your financial goals.

Challenges and Risks—Is a Cleaning Franchise Worth It?

A cleaning franchise is one of the few recession-resistant business opportunities and is experiencing steady growth. But as with any startup, there are no guarantees of success. In a competitive industry like cleaning services, business owners need all the help they can get.

Every independent and franchise business startup faces risks and challenges. The difference between a business that succeeds and one that doesn't is training, resources, and support—elements you'll find when you partner with The Maids to build your business.

The initial investment needed to start a cleaning franchise may deter some from pursuing their dream. It's essential to understand that partnering with a successful franchise provides financing options and instant viability. Banks look for low risk and profit potential when evaluating an investment, so they are more inclined to finance your venture when your partner has a proven track record.

How Profitable is a Cleaning Business?

A cleaning business profit of between 7 and 10 percent is considered a healthy benchmark for success. When you partner with The Maids, the proven business model and ongoing support help you build more profit faster. Are cleaning franchises profitable enough to help you achieve your goals?

When your cleaning business follows the franchise plan for success, the profits are enough to enjoy a decent salary and grow your business. Other revenue is reinvested into building your brand through employee retention and training, supplies and equipment, and marketing. As with most small businesses, reinvesting revenue in your company is an ideal way to realize more cleaning franchise profit.

How Much Do Cleaning Franchises Make?

The average cleaning business owner's salary tops $80,000 annually when the business partners with a franchise. You likely don't consider yourself only average, nor do our franchisees. The resources and support you get as our partner ensure your cleaning business has everything it needs to deliver services that go above and beyond your competitors.

Because The Maids offers a business model that is easy to replicate, you can reinvest profits into building multiple markets. Expanding your cleaning business allows you to reach a broader market and maximize expenditures for inventory and operations. When you follow the game plan, more locations mean more profit and a higher salary for the franchise owner.

Is a cleaning business profitable enough to realize the lifestyle you've dreamed of?

When you partner with The Maids to build your cleaning business, you partner with the #1 residential cleaning franchise on Entrepreneur Magazine's Franchise 500 list. Decades of experience, award-winning customer service, and a proven track record make us uniquely qualified to help you achieve your dreams.