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Our Franchise Training Program Sets You Up to Take Control

admin_themaidslpMay 22, 2024
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Franchise training is a vital aspect of improving your chances of success no matter which industry or brand you choose to franchise with. At The Maids, we understand the critical role we play as your franchisor and how our experience and knowledge can greatly impact your trajectory. This is why we designed an industry-leading training program that allows you to take direction with full confidence from the first day of operating your cleaning franchise.

Our franchise training program covers everything you’ll need to know to build the best residential cleaning franchise possible. When you join The Maids, we’ll provide a comprehensive introduction that covers every area of your new business, including sales, marketing, operations, and technology. Built over four decades of innovating in the residential cleaning market, the training from The Maids allows our franchisees to establish top cleaning franchises for homeowners in their communities.

SMART Start Set-up

The Maids aims to give every new franchise owner who joins our brand family the knowledge and resources needed to quickly build a loyal customer base. This begins with the SMART Start Set-up portion of our training for new franchisees. The Smart Start Training consists of three different aspects that immerse you in your new responsibilities and life as a residential cleaning franchise owner. These include:

  • Seven weeks of business training
  • Six days of administrative and technical training
  • Further in-depth training at your new location

All of this training is completed within the first 60 to 75 days following the signing of The Maids’ franchise agreement. We can also send a team on-site to help train your new employees and assist with the business operations in your early days of cleaning homes. These efforts are designed to help prepare your management team members to exceed customer expectations. This helps you build happy, loyal customers and grow your business throughout your territory.

World-Class Support to Help You Move Forward

The initial training extends beyond what it's designated, as you can count on The Maids to provide ongoing training and support to help position your residential cleaning franchise as the top option for households in your territory. We supply world-class support through several different initiatives:

Proven Cleaning Franchise Business Concepts and Direction

Drawing on our decades of experience, The Maids helps new franchisees from many different backgrounds build their franchise and achieve their goals while meeting our brand standards. Whether you are seeking to achieve the American Dream, find a better work-life balance compared to corporate careers, or transition back to civilian life after serving in the military, The Maids is the ideal franchisor to help you build your next venture alongside you.

Employee Recruiting and Retention

As your new franchise continues to grow, you will need to add more employees to service more customers throughout your territory. The Maids helps you with this crucial responsibility through our backend technology that can identify qualified candidates so you can easily contact them. We’ll also educate you on the process to obtain and process the proper paperwork for hiring new employees, so they can fully join your team and deliver the outstanding cleaning experience that customers know us for.

Marketing and Lead Generation

The Maids implements proven marketing strategies that can attract local homeowners to our new franchise locations. We use multiple channels and platforms to introduce your cleaning business to the local community and keep The Maids brand front and center. New franchisees also receive 12 months of call center access to aid their lead generation efforts at no additional cost to you!

Our training is designed to take you to the very top of the residential cleaning industry – and we’ve been able to deliver that for countless entrepreneurs like you who chose to franchise with The Maids!If you’re ready to dive into our training and operate a residential cleaning franchise with strong growth potential, contact The Maids team today!