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Investing in An E-2 Visa Franchise Business

admin_themaidslpMarch 25, 2024
E2 Visa Franchise

Entrepreneurs worldwide can build a better life in the U.S. by starting their own business or investing in a franchise. Coming to the U.S. and starting a business isn’t a simple process, but an E-2 visa franchise can make the endeavor more manageable. Unlike conventional startups, a franchise is a proven investment.

Foreign nationals can leverage franchise opportunities to obtain an E-2 visa and increase their chance for success. Investing in residential and office cleaning franchises is one of most effective ways to make it happen. To understand why buying an E-2 visa franchise business can be the shortest path to owning a business in the U.S., we’ll start with the E-2 visa requirements.

Understanding the E-2 Visa Business Requirements

The E-2 visa allows foreign nationals investing in a U.S. business or franchise to enter and work in the U.S. The visa is valid for three months to five years but can be extended indefinitely under certain circumstances. An E-2 visa may cover an investor’s spouse and unmarried children under 21 if they are citizens of a treaty country.

Here are the basic requirements for E-2 visa applicants:


E-2 visa applicants must be nationals of countries that have a commerce treaty with the U.S. Because not all foreign nationals meet the treaty requirement, it’s critical to understand which countries have treaties in the states.


To qualify for the E-2 visa, entrepreneurs’ investment must be enough to ensure the success of their new venture. A treaty investor must also prove the investment funds have no ties to criminal activity. The capital needed, which can include funds and assets, varies depending on the type of investment and other factors. The capital must be at risk like most businesses, and investors are expected to generate a profit within five years.

Business Role

Whether an investor buys a cleaning franchise with an E-2 visa or starts fresh, they must have an active role in the business. Fulfilling the requirement typically means having ownership and control of at least half the business. Investors’ role in the endeavor includes overseeing daily operations, making business decisions, and monitoring expenses and profitability.

Business Type

According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), E-2 visa investments must be in a bona fide enterprise. A bona fide enterprise is a “real, active, and operating commercial or entrepreneurial undertaking which produces services or goods for profit.”

Many E-2 visa applicants invest in a franchise business to ensure they meet most of the requirements. Compared to a startup, investing in a cleaning franchise opportunity can make obtaining an E-2 visa faster and easier. Plus, the chances of success with a franchise are high—as long as investors ask the right questions.

What to Look for in a Cleaning Business for E-2 Visa Holders

Entrepreneurs must thoroughly consider the pros and cons of investing in an E-2 visa franchise business. Franchise fees, initial investment, financing options, and projected returns are often at the top of the list when choosing a franchise. Understanding these financial factors upfront is essential, but it’s the franchise’s business model and support that helps ensure long-term success.

Proven Business Model

USCIS regulations stipulate that investments made by E-2 visa holders can’t be in marginal enterprises without a proven track record, which is why partnering with an established cleaning franchise with a proven business model is important. A franchise investment makes it more likely to receive an E-2 visa and helps ensure new business owners succeed.

Support & Training

Investing in a cleaning franchise with an E-2 visa is a significant step for foreign nationals. They often must become accustomed to a new culture while learning how to manage their new business. Franchisors that provide comprehensive training and ongoing business support help make the transition more manageable. A proven franchisor like The Maids® helps new owners start strong, manage growth, and build a better future.

We offer a unique franchise opportunity for E-2 visa holders that meets the requirements for growth projections and other essential criteria. Investing in a cleaning franchise with an E-2 visa can be especially attractive for Hispanic entrepreneurs. Because of the numerous Spanish-speaking team members, Hispanic investors can enjoy a smoother transition culturally and professionally.

Your Pathway to Success with The Maids Cleaning Franchise

The best E-2 visa franchise business is the one that has been proving its business model for decades—The Maids. We’re on a mission to help E-2 visa holders and other franchisees fulfill their dreams with franchise opportunities across North America.