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How Much Does a Cleaning Business Franchise Cost?

admin_themaidslpDecember 12, 2023
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Starting a business from scratch requires plenty of capital, a solid business plan, and hard work. While a cleaning business franchise can minimize your investment and provide a proven operating model, the endeavor still requires hard work and dedication. Profitability doesn’t happen quickly for most businesses, but investing in a cleaning franchise gives investors an inside track to success. When you partner with The Maids®, the low cleaning business franchise cost helps you create a profitable business from the start.

Understanding the Basics of Cleaning Franchise Costs

Why buy a cleaning franchise instead of building one? Starting a cleaning franchise business with an established franchisor offers new owners so much more than a quick start. Your franchise costs ensure that you get the business and technical training needed to start fast and grow your business. Your investment covers initial fees, supplies, equipment, and other necessities, but it also buys you expert advice and strategies for success.

While every new cleaning business must invest in the tools of the trade, investing with a franchise like The Maids gives entrepreneurs the knowledge to use those tools effectively. More than anything, cleaning franchise costs gives new owners a strategy that can save the money, time, and frustration typical of a new start-up business. So, how much is a cleaning franchise, and what does it include? Because the investment in a cleaning business franchise can vary greatly, it's essential to understand what your investment covers.

Average Costs of Investing in a Cleaning Franchise

Cleaning franchise prices vary from company to company and by the services offered, such as residential, commercial, and office cleaning. The average investment for a proven cleaning franchise can range from $35,000 to $200,000. Here's how the typical franchise fee breaks down.

Initial Cleaning Franchise Fees

Initial franchise fees are typically the bulk of your cleaning business franchise cost and can range from $10,000 to $50,000.The franchise fees cover all the bases for starting a successful cleaning company. Franchisees benefit from the experience, training, marketing, and business strategies of a proven franchisor. Franchise opportunities with The Maids includes brand recognition and powerful partnerships with global brands like Mr. Clean®.

Supplies and Tools

The cost of materials and products needed to deliver quality services will vary depending on the scope of services and other factors. Cleaning for health is what gives The Maids and our franchisees a competitive edge, so it's essential for new owners to invest in supplies and tools that meet that end.

Licenses and Permits

Even for new business owners, obtaining the necessary permits and licenses is an easy start-up step. The costs typically aren't significant, but it's essential to understand what's required by your local and state governments.


Liability insurance is necessary to protect your new business in case of an accident or other mishap. General business liability insurance can cost from $500 to $2,000 annually in most municipalities. Depending on the state where you do business, you may also be required to have workers' compensation insurance. Workers' compensation rates are typically calculated according to the amount of payroll.

The cleaning business franchise cost when you partner with The Maids is very competitive. How much does a cleaning franchise cost with The Maids? Your investment starts at $100K and includes $17K for equipment and supplies and $70K for working capital to perform daily operations. $40K is the typical investment for a territory, but The Maids may finance up to 80 percent of the territory investment for qualified franchisees.

Strategies for Managing Your Cleaning Franchise Costs

The Maids is ranked No. 1 by Entrepreneur Magazine for residential cleaning services, and a large part of that ranking is due to how we help new owners manage costs. The Smart Start program ensures fixed expenses like office rent and insurance are kept to a minimum to free up cash for growth. We also help franchisees manage variable costs like fuel, payroll, and supplies with decades of experience and expert advice.

If you research the pros and cons of a cleaning business franchise, you'll find many advantages. When you team up with a proven cleaning franchisor, you can skip the frustration and headaches typical of a start-up. Your cleaning business will be streamlined with step-by-step operational guidance, from scheduling to marketing. The Maids will help you control expenses, hone your skills, and deliver the highest cleaning standards to realize a significant return as quickly as possible.